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Galaxy Wars Review

Galaxy Wars is a simulation game that takes you on a galactic journey to defend and fortify the human race on an exoplanet. Galaxy Wars has been developed by IMG30.NET. The incorporates massive multiplayer online gaming format that allows you to either compete against or fight along with other players in the game. The open-ended gameplay gives you immense opportunities to strategize and implement in the most profound manner. 

As the game incorporates graphics and design that depict the spatial matter, it requires creativity to render a compelling effect. The developers have done a commendable job in designing the spaceships, numerous weapons, and spacecraft, action sequences, and so on. As it is an open-ended and an MMO game, it requires diversity so that the game doesn’t look repetitive. Although not perfect, the developers have done a decent job in this aspect. 

The gameplay of Galaxy Wars starts with a story. As the humans have exhausted all resources on planet Earth, it becomes crucial to venture out and scout for a planet where the human race can again be inhabited. The explorers searched multiple star systems and finally, found planet Eden that can sustain human life. A well-trained team, called Marine Warriors, is assigned the task to colonize Eden. But an alien civilization, The Ancients, have initially inhabited Eden. During their reign, they developed a weapon of mass destruction, The Swarm. When the humans colonized Eden, The Swarm emerged and destroyed the human race. Now, the remaining forces of Marine Warriors should fight against the enemy forces of the Swarm to develop victoriously and sustain on the planet Eden. 

In the game, you will be the Commander of a base, which you have saved from the Swarm attack. Now, you will manage this field by building infrastructure, procuring weapons, and spacecraft, train warships and officers, collect and earn resources, and so on. As this is an MMO and player-vs-player (PvP) game, you can chat, connect, and collaborate with other players to build your alliance. Or you can choose to attack the enemy player to loot resources and capture their officers. 

The gameplay looks interesting as you can engage in diverse strategies to build a flourishing base. The background score in the game does a satisfactory job in keeping you pumped up in the game. As the game requires you to strategize, you can expect an enhanced level of engagement in the game. 


  • Open-ended and MMO gameplay;
  • Multiple fighting options enhance engagement;
  • Intriguing storyline.


  • In-app purchases;
  • Lacks perfection;
  • Complicated menus.
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