Avakin Life - 3D Virtual World
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Avakin Life - 3D Virtual World Review

You might not be a fan of reality simulation games that only push the superfluous. Once in a while, a game comes along, such as The Sims 4, which manages to capture the realities of suburban living uniquely. While Avakin Life gets caught up in the utopia of consumerism too, it does so in a fun and engaging way, even providing a private message feature.  

A sim game is not really fun if it doesn’t provide you with endless possibilities, which is precisely what Avakin Life does. You can build an entirely new life outside of what you are used to and interact with millions of people online chasing the same goals. Not only does the game provide the ability to customize your avatar even to the smallest details such as clothes, hair color, eyes, etc., but it also offers a social experience like no other. The social feature, while it adds fun to the game, does introduce complications. For instance, children can send private texts to other users who might be unknown to their parents, and they can also send explicit private messages.

Avakin Life allows you to design everything just how you see it. You can create your avatar from scratch and customize everything including purchasing shopping brands and dressing up your avatar. The game puts you in a lot of real-life situations you can relate to, for example setting updates, designing your perfect home, becoming a model or fashion star, etc.

Avakin Life provides neatly designed menus where most of the action takes place, although you can also chat with other people using your on-screen keyboard. From the menus, you can make customizations on your avatar and access other features such as chat and profile settings. Everything is quite intuitive.

Avakin Life has great graphics, which might be the highlight of the game. Rarely has a mobile sim game come so close to providing a malleable semi-3D environment in which character interaction and gameplay isn’t passive. There are lots of colors, customization options, and the menus are as intuitive as they get.

You’ll definitely want to play this game again, but might be put off by the overt sexual connotations and innuendos that are so pervasive in chat. That said, the game is bright and manages to stay interesting.


  • Allows you to create real social networks.
  • Has excellent graphics.
  • The controls are quite intuitive and effective.
  • Plenty of customization options.


  • Does not have an age verification procedure for private chats.
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