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Drum Review

Drums is an app developed by Unibit. This app is an educational app, which allows the user to learn about drumming and the various kinds of sounds made by each component of the drum set.

Drums makes use of an animated set of advanced drums, which allow the user to test out their skills. The app improves the productivity of existing drummers or new drummers, by allowing them to practice with a system generated image of a drum set with the correct sounds.

The app is engineered to be in the landscape position of the phone, which gives the view of the entire drum set. Drums by Unibit has many components of drums and other percussion instruments. The app allows the user to arrange a collection of melody or its record. Additionally, the app allows the user to use the playback option to listen to music they create.

The app’s UI is smooth with great animations of the drums. The sound and the look of the drums in the app is real-life like, which makes the experience of the app more engrossing. The recordings for the app are stored separately and can be accessed through the menu. 

An interesting feature of this app is that the app allows the user to move the components of the drum around on the screen as per their wishes.


  • The app’s drums are advanced and seem real;
  • The app has a host of features which allowing learning.


  • The app does not give hands-on experience to the learner;
  • The app’s screen cannot be rotated.
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