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5 / 5
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The description of League of Legends

League of Legends is a game that has lots of detail to discover. Simply put, this game pits you against players either in team PvP mode or in an AI arena, with the objective being to capture or destroy the opposing team’s ‘Nexus,’ a building of strategic importance in the game.  

The game offers different maps such as Summoner’s Rift, which is the biggest allowing 5 on 5 attacks, Twisted Treeline for two teams 3 vs 3 players, and ARAM (or Howling Abyss) which is also a 5 on 5 affair with a slight difference in gameplay mechanics from the first map. The game usually starts off with a tutorial on Howling Abyss, but you can choose to skip this and go straight to the action. The game allows normal matchmaking for teams of players who are skilled to almost the same level. Once level 30 is unlocked, you can play against ranked players for a spot on the leaderboards. The game also allows you to play custom games against any opponent or AI and on any map.

The core of League of Legends is its Champions which you as the Summoner control from a bird’s-eye view. There are 143 champion types, all with varying abilities in the kind of damage they deal or their armor. They range from marksmen, mages, fighters to tanks, support, etc. You can customize your players with different skins and also gain abilities for them.

The game is fluid in its controls, and there are no complex button combinations. The biggest challenge is coordinating team attacks, in which case an effective voice chat feature other than chat integration would have made more sense.

The graphics are excellent for a game with only an isometric, third-person perspective. There’s a lot of built-up detail, especially on the more popular Summoner’s Rift. Though the map expanse and angle of view can be inhibited for an isometric map, League of Legends keeps gameplay moving fast ensuring you don’t stay static.

The biggest reason to play League of legends again is the character variety and the availability of different game types. You can battle against real or AI players, join ranked games and normal matches where you play against players at a similar level. The variety of game maps also makes replaying all the more a possibility.


  • Provides an astoundingly rich experience thanks to the wide character variety;
  • Has excellent graphics;
  • Provides a fair progression system.


  • Requires a considerably high processing power on PC (and Mac). It isn’t supported on mobile OS or console.


With the versatility of gameplay, tons of things to unlock, a variety of maps and a gentle level-up system that doesn’t suck the life out of gameplay, what’s not to love about this game? League of Legends boasts millions of daily players while keeping everything affordable and within reach. It tries to keep play modes fair by allowing only players ranked at a similar level to battle each other. But even that aside, you’ll have plenty of incentive to make upgrades or unlock bonuses which further enrich the playing experience.

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League of Legends

5 / 5
Genre: Role Playing
Publish Date: 2018-12-26
Size: 8GB

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