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The description of Minecraft

Minecraft is an indie sandbox game that allows you to travel across new worlds and build everything you can imagine. Its various modes like Survival, Creative, Adventure and Spectator, make the game interesting to everyone. The game was released by Mojang, back in 2011. Since that time the number of players is growing. By the end of 2019, Mojang sold 176 million game copies and has 112 million players that actively play Minecraft. The game is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Xbox 360, PS 3/4/Vita/VR, Nintendo Switch, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire HD, Android, and iOS platforms.


Minecraft world is filled with possibilities for everyone who wants to play. It is up to you which mode you will pick. The main attraction of the game is in the unlimited options, and of course, the unique 3D pixel graphics that make the world cubical. Basically all the construction around you, mobs that appear, cows, foxes, tigers, and other animals, grass and skies, everything around you is made of blocks.

Depending on what mode you are playing, you have or have not certain goals, may or may not create new civilizations, and so on:

  • Creative mode provides unlimited opportunities for building. You can build anything you like anywhere, all you need is materials. You can find a unique block here, made specifically for Creative mode. While concentrating on the building, you don’t have to worry about food or low energy. This mode does not require anything else except your own fantasy. If you think that the farm or barn you have created is empty, use spawn eggs to receive mobs. Developers constantly add new amazingly cute animals made of blocks.
  • Survival mode is one of the most active. You take risks picking this mode. Resources that you have are limited and you need to take care of yourself and withstand against angry zombie mobs. You have a goal here – to survive.
  • There is a passive mode called Spectator, where you just observe how other players play.  Adventure mode gives you an opportunity to travel Minecraft’s universe. Multiplayer mode allows you to play together with your friends or random players from around the globe.


Minecraft has user-friendly and intuitive controls. In its mobile version for iOS platform, all you have to do is actually tap and swipe to different sides. Use tapping to remove blocks and place them wherever you need. If you are new in the Minecraft world you may start with Creative mode where all your vital indicators are stable and no one tries to kill you. You can practice building and get materials there. The same navigation is in Survival mode. The mobile version of the game is not worse than its Microsoft Windows original. In Survival mode, you have to pay attention to the indicators on your screen, as your life will depend on it.



Minecraft for iOS platform offers you a journey through an extraordinary world made of blocks that requires your help. It is a fascinating, colorful game with a variety of modes for everyone. You don’t need to choose only one of them and can try all the features of Minecraft one by one.

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Katie Kilberg D'Agostine

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5 / 5
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