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5 / 5
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The description of Subnautica

Subnautica has a penchant for surprising you, especially within the first ten minutes of the game. As a survival/exploratory game, Subnautica gets a lot of things right. Here is a game where beautiful visuals are almost a gameplay mechanic, yet you’ll never feel like you’ve run out of content to explore.

Subnautica begins with your giant ship, The Aurora, crashlanding into an alien sea world environment. For the first few hours of the game, this ship is your pit stop and base, even as you venture out deeper into the water. On-screen is a food meter, an oxygen meter, and a health bar. If by some stroke of bad luck you are not able to make it back to your pod alive, you will automatically respawn here, though without collected items. The game offers a variety of modes that you can play, for example, Survival, Hardcore, Creative and Freedom.

Subnautica’s ocean offers a large variety of biomes to explore. Each of these biomes has its own range of resources. Therefore, exploration in this game is highly encouraged. As the game progresses, you will get access to a new array of weaponry, for example, offensive torpedoes and vehicles that allow you to combat the enemy.

Subnautica’s controls are fluid and enable you to easily move your character, shift camera perspectives, disassemble things and pick others up, and exit or board your vehicle. The crafting system is easily operated, and there’s no steep learning curve for anything save for how to unlock certain items.

Every bit of this game has such attention to detail and creativity paid to it. The graphics are colorful and superbly rendered. From the moment your ship is stranded in the open sea, and you eject from your pod, you are introduced to a variety of biomes. There’s also a great variety of unique alien life, which will keep you riveted if not scared the whole time.

The biggest motivator to play the game again would probably be the mind-blowing visuals. The game offers a complete package of excellent audio and a storyline that actually works and doesn’t feel like it’s being dragged around by the gameplay mechanics. Every moment that you play this game is captivating, not just from the resources that you discover, but with each nuance and grip on your psychology, Subnautica comes ever closer to becoming a real gaming blockbuster.


  • Massive and unique sea world that encourages exploration;
  • A rich variety of environments;
  • Exceptional graphics;
  • Polished gameplay mechanics.


  • You might find it difficult to unlock a few tools at times.


Subnautica is a combination of everything that you’d love in a survival and exploration game. The base building mechanics work effectively, while the game makes it imperative that you explore, especially if you want to garner enough resources to move on to the next level. The depths to be explored in this alien environment quite literally awe you, and you’ll spend a good amount of your playing time just discovering the beauty of this surreal world. The graphics are on the next level and save for one or two glitches, you will enjoy this experience immensely. To cap off exhilarating graphics is a story that meshes impressively well with all aspects of gameplay.

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Abby Christensen

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5 / 5
Genre: Adventure
Publish Date: 2018-12-26
Size: 20GB